Team Roster

Hello! Read a smidgen about each team member on our BayUP 11 team

Sara Fong
UC Berkeley ’08 MCB, Education
“Through BayUP ’11, I hope to pursue God’s heart for racial reconciliation and seek the Lord in prayer.” 

Allie Hu
UC Berkeley ’07, JHSPH ’11 Public Health

“Through BayUP ’11, I hope that I will fall deeper in love with God, His people, and Oakland”


Allyson Lam
UC Berkeley, Sophomore
Psychology , Cognitive Science
“Through BayUP’11, I hope to learn how to be a good steward of my time and resources for my remaining two years in college and afterwards too!” 

Bhavna Sharma
UC Berkeley, Sophomore
Art Practice, Molecular Cell Biology
“Through BayUP, I hope to learn about and [how to serve undermined communities to please God and to become a better leader in Christ.”  

Erica Vilay
Junior, UC Berkeley
History/ English
“Through BayUP ’11, I hope to learn more about God’s heart for the poor and alien, where I fit in God’s plan for restoring our society, and shifting my mindset from one of apathy and ignorance to one of empathy and understanding. “

Erin Esten
Sophomore, UC Berkeley
“Through BayUP’11, I hope to learn more about God–how big He is and how widely He loves–beyond my own culture and circumstances.”

David Yang
Junior, San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Percussion Performance
“Through BAyUP, I hope to put together what I know about God with what I see God doing, through living simply in community and ministering to God’s people.”

John Knox
Sophomore, UC Berkeley
“Through BayUP, I hope to gain a deeper dependence on the Holy Spirit, engage in cross-cultural communication geared towards missional & incarnational ministry, and glean greater attitude of the heart to love & serve the marginalized like Jesus.”

Josef John
Sophomore, UC Berkeley
Computer Science

“Through BAyUP, I hope to: become comfortable helping the urban poor.”

Kimmy Hu
UC Berkeley ’11
Public Health/ Economics

“Through BayUP ’11, I hope to be transformed.  I want to be so moved by the experience that I will truly care for and love the marginalized and oppressed, and will never be complacent with the hard issues.”  

Shela Jeong
Sophomore, UC Berkeley
Legal Studies/ Political Science
“Through BAyUP ’11, I hope to grasp even a little bit more of what it is like to live among the poor and in places of extreme spiritual darkness, as Jesus did. “


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