Sara fong, awake as ever!


Sara fong, awake as ever!

Just stopped in Austin. Will be off to Dallas soon enough!


“ I thank God that we all woke up today”


All of us are assigned to different sites during the day where we kinda work as interns. Allie, Kimmy and I are at the Covenant House, which is a shelter for homeless / orphaned youth from 18-24. We have been there about 3 weeks now and are starting to get to know some of the “clients” as they are called. Its hard trying to serve them / be friendly to them without getting attached to them. They are about my age, and so far all of them that ive met are really cool. I am beginning to like just about every single one of them. But there are so many obstacles in their way. Some of them have felony records, some have no job experience, some haven’t finished their high school certification. Actually I was honestly surprised to find out most of them had finished high school. When I think orphans / homeless, I think dropped out of school early, maybe got involved in crime, and now cant get a job. But I was surprised at how many of them completed high school and was even more surprised at how much job experience some of them have. It seems like a huge problem is that they cannot keep a job for a long period of time because they get laid off or move (especially when you don’t really have a home).

Covenant House offers a bed to anyone in that age range. But, to live there one has to follow a case plan, which involves building a resume and job searching. Our job is primarily helping them with their resumes and any questions they have when filling out job applications. But we also have been blessed with certain experiences. The staff has allowed us to sit in on the job readiness classes they have.

The first class they had went something like this. Everyone has values, personal values. Once you know your values, it is easier to live your life because you know what is important to you. So, everyone write down 5 of your personal values……….. I had to think a good minute before I wrote anything down.

Why don’t you write down your 3 top values now? Yes, now. Take a few minutes to think of them; what do you value more than anything else? Write 3 things down.

Now, what are you doing to follow them? Do you live by them? If not, why and what is stopping you from doing that.

That was the first day, and I was like wooow, I cant even think of my values which should be something a person lives by, while they are scribbling theirs down, and society would imply that I am somehow better than them?


Then the next training, the staff that was leading it tolda story.

It went like this, X saw that R was really rich. So, X went up to R and said “ Hey R, I want to be rich like you, please can you show me how to be rich like you?”

R: “Meet me at the beach tomorrow at 8pm.”

X: “I don’t wanna go swimming, I wanna be rich like you, I wanna have a nice car and stuff.”

R: “Then meet me at the beach tomorrow.”

X didn’t wanna go to the beach, but he wanted to be rich like R, so he deci ded to go, so the next day he went to the beach and met R at 8pm. When they met, R said“Follow me” and started walking out into the ocean. Then X noticed R had dressed in his swimming trunks while he was dressed in his best suit. He didn’t want to follow R but he wanted to be rich. So finally he followed R in. When they got to their knees, he stopped but R kept going. Finally they were waist deep, then shoulder deep. Here, R stopped and without saying anything dunked X into the water. X struggled but to no avail, when he was almost out of air, R brought him up for a second before dunking him under again. This process was repeated for way too long for X’s liking. Finally R brought him up and said “When you were under what did you want more than anything else?”

X: “Air!”

R: “Until you want to be rich as badly as you wanted air, you wont be rich.”

That’s the end of the story, but the staff then went on to talk about how we have to set goals and go after them without getting distracted, because if we look around we will get distracted. J She said it much more eloquently and when I started this post, I thought I would be able to write it like she said it but nope :p

Anyway, I think if you read this far, you understand the point of the story so no explanation necessary. Anyway, it sounded cooler when the staff was explaining it to the group of clients especially as she tailored it to them finding jobs that pay enough so they can start renting their own place and slowly move “up” in the world.


We had a friends and family night the other day where we each shared a little about our experiences so far were like. I wrote this based on a client named Paul.

Let me tell you about Paul.

A man who turned 20 last week without anyone knowing.

A young man that has seen the inside of a jail & mental institution.

A man that has battled with drugs for control of his life.

Now, a man that wears his only suit to church 3 times a week.

Now, a man that hands out church fliers to people he meets.

Now, a man that dreams to have a 6 bedroom house for his family.

Now, a man that wants to start his own ministry.

Now, a man that starts each and every day by telling those around him:

“I thank God that we all woke up today and that I get to see your lovely faces.”


the thing I like most bout Paul is that he says that “ I thank God that we all woke up today”.

That touched me the first day I heard him say it. Cuz then it hit me that just the small things like waking up in the morning I take for granted and that not everyone is as blessed as I am. Now as I begin to understand the meaning behind the words, I appreciate it whenever he says it.

We are in the City of Oakland, and already this year the death toll from shootings is at 61. One of the Clients said she buried 7 of her friends last year, while another buried 3. Paul, growing up in this city, appreciates the simple act of waking up and finding out everyone is still alive and I appreciate that he has reminded me that some things I take for granted are a blessing.