Slip N’ Slide

On our block: The neighbors haven’t stopped with the illegal fireworks since several
days before the 4th of July. I’ve never seen them from this close before. These
fireworks are mesmerizing to stare at and pretty but in a louder, more explosive
way than I’m used to.

At our house: It’s hot! The two kids from the family that lives downstairs let Kimmy
and me try out their new Slip-n-slide in the backyard with them. It was both wetter
and shorter than I thought it would be, but still fun.
The blue teddy bear I brought from home has been in a different person’s sleeping
bag every time I return to our bedroom. I am still not completely sure who the
culprit is.

In our team: We are getting more into the rhythm of what our weeks will be like
for the rest of this summer. We all come home from our sites at different times, but
then we get to gather around the dining table, talk about how our days were, and eat
home-cooked foods together, sometimes without utensils, and sometimes without
thumbs. Then we play games, entertain the idea of collectively writing a romance
novel, and sleep early so we can pray the following morning.

My favorite thing about this team is that we regularly pray and confess together, and
in the same way that none of us is afraid to be weird or quirky, none of us is afraid
to be honest about feelings of disappointment, weakness, or callousness. I am more
able to recognize and trust that God is real and near to us because we are learning
how to be real with each other and with God.

Me! Learning about poor people and broken systems was, at first, just heavy
and frustrating. But it also makes me more aware of the problems behind the
more visible problems, and allows me to see people for more than the current
circumstances I see them in. I really want this to carry over into post-BAyUP life!

allyson jue lam 7.4.11 11PM


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