A Recyclable Story

On one day of orientation, we collected recyclables to earn lunch money.  After walking through a BART parking lot only finding 5 cans (25 cents), we started getting more desperate.  So when we passed by a Subway and saw that they sold bottled sodas, (YES!!) I couldn’t pass it by.  I quickly surveyed the line, swallowed my pride, and dug my right arm into the trashcan.  Here’s what happened:

Just as I do, this little boy (~3-4 years old) walks up to me and yells, “AHHHHHHH!!” while pointing at me.  His mom hurries over, hushing him as the whole Subway line stares at me (as I am smiling at him and telling him “shhh”).  I then gather my bearings, make sure the staff aren’t paying too much attention, and then walk over to the other trashcan and reach in.  Again, the little boy runs over with a troubled smile and points at me as he yells, “AHHHHH!”  I quickly grab the one bottle I find, hold my pointer finger over my lips as I quietly beg the little boy to be subtler, and walk out to Josef who is waiting outside for me.

I think it was worth the 3 bottles I found in there.

-Sara Fong


One thought on “A Recyclable Story

  1. Praying for you, Sara!!! The Lord brought so much transformation & healing to my life through your prayers, and I pray that He continues to increase those fruits that come out of your life =D

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